Wedding Experience

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Wedding Experience

We’re honored to be considered for your date, and we have so much info to share!




Collection 1
Full Day Wedding Coverage
Engagement Session
Second Photographer
Heirloom Album


Collection 2
10 hrs of Wedding Coverage
Engagement Session
Second Photographer


Collection 3
8hrs of Wedding Coverage
Second Photographer



It took me literally six months (sorry Quinn & Jesse, love you both) to try to come up with words adequate enough to explain the magic Quinn and Jesse created on our wedding day. The simple answer is that there are none…We got about 1800 photos of our wedding day back… and they illustrate the day perfectly. From the moment I put my dress on, to my first look with my girls, my first look with my sweet husband, and the second the doors open and we walked down the aisle. The fun moments, the sentimental moments, the details, it was all there. We still look at them at least once a week and can completely and totally relive both the day and the emotions through these albums…My advice to you is that if you’re on the fence about booking them, don’t be. They are the realest, rawest, best vendors you could have for your day (and beyond)” -Elizabeth & Tyler


Quinn and Jesse do take beautiful and timeless pictures, but they also are fantastic human beings in general. When you meet them, even for the first time, they create this atmosphere where you feel like you’ve known them for years! They’re very talented in what they do, and they know how to make anyone and anything look amazing!” -Rebekah & Ryan


Quinn and Jesse are the calm in the storm. What they give their clients is truly a gift and I know all of their clients could not be more appreciative of their time and sacrifices this year. I know there were probably many. I noticed even the smallest, dumbest details with how they captured my day so beautifully and was so appreciative. I am SO thankful for their attention to details, their support, their quick thinking, their roll-with-the-punches attitude, and just their overall awesome cheerleader vibes (but like a cool, from-a-distance-making-you-and-your-husband-look-like-total-badasses cheerleader, not a psycho cheerleader). 2020 was a messy year. Full of tests, trials, surprises, and also new experiences. New ways of connecting. New ways of loving. I am so glad that Quinn and Jesse are willing to get down and dirty and embrace the mess. Couldn’t recommend them more.” -Rachel & Glenn


Quinn and Jesse (Winx Photo) are a phenomenal team! They truly made our special day EVEN MORE special. Shawn and I had kind of a make-shift, DIY wedding…thus leading to a lot of last minute running around, not having our invitations or rings for the pre-wedding photos, and because my wedding party and I were all crammed into 2 hotel bathrooms rushing to do our make-up, we didn’t exactly exude opportunities for photo ops…but you know what? Quinn and Jesse showed up, smiled and laughed with us, worked with what we had for them (including some flower pieces Quinn found in the trash) and somehow created the most beautiful photos of us getting ready! That was just the beginning. They spent the day catching those little moments- our dog sneaking pets in the middle of our service, my 4 year old niece break dancing, grandparents from all sides connecting, our laughter, our tears, and somehow (we gave them no real warning :/), a perfectly timed eco-friendly confetti toss photo! They stole us away briefly for the most gorgeous sunset shots before dark, and then quickly let us run back to the drinking and dancing! The were light and fun and flexible, but somehow with this poise of seasoned professionalism. We were blown away by Winx, and we are forever grateful for the gift they gave us- memories that will never fade” -Ashley & Shawn


Jesse and Quinn are heaven sent. I’m so grateful we were able to have them apart of our day. Their chemistry is apparent and they put such an ease to the wedding planning process. From fluffing my dress, to working to get our timeline back on track whenever things got a little behind, to making sure we stayed hydrated and calm, they were such a saving grace. They made our bridal party feel so comfortable and took any nerves totally out of the equation. I can’t recommend them enough and if you are reading this I am seriously begging you to stop what you’re doing and RUN to book them.” -Haley & Hunter


Absolutely perfect choice. They traveled over 2 hours for engagement pictures for my daughter, and again for her wedding. Hundreds of perfect photos were taken to capture the magic of our day, and give us heirlooms to display and enjoy for generations to come. Quinn did a wonderful job with our timeline for the day, we didn’t feel rushed, she was so approachable, emotionally engaged, and we could not have asked for better results -Lisa H.



The Process





You see our work, reach out, and we’re off to the races. We hop on a call, or answer any Qs you might A via email, discuss all the details, and you decide that you can’t imagine your wedding without Winx Photo! (Smart decision)


We make it official

We do all of our contracts and invoices virtually, so once you decide to book we’re ready to rock and roll! We’ll send everything over and as soon as the contract is signed and retainer paid, we’re good!


We plan your engagement sesh

We’re happy to make recommendations, go where you’d like, or plan the whole thing for you! After your session you’ll receive all of your images via online gallery within 2-3 weeks!


We help plan and curate a timeline

We’ll offer vendor recommendations, suggest ceremony times, help you decide on details, and create a photo timeline that captures everything you want!


Wedding Day

FINALLY! We show up and absolutely crush your wedding day. We create images that represent you as a couple, truthfully and artfully. We make sure you’re having the time of your life, and we document document document.


Your Gallery & Goodies

After all of our time together, you finally get to see your images! You’ll receive well over 1k high res images in your gallery, AND we can start designing any albums, prints, or wall art you’d like!




Q: How long have you been photographers?
A: Since 2014!
Q: What kind of gear do you use, and do you have backups?
A: Canon, baby! We do have backup equipment which is also Canon!
Q: Our venue requires insurance and business licenses, do you have that?
A: YUP! We’re a full fledged, tax paying, insurance renewing business.
Q: When will we receive our photos?
A: Sneak peak within 72hrs, full gallery within 8-12 weeks!
Q: Can I do just one photographer?
A: Nope! We use two to fully document your day!
Q: Are all photos edited?
A: All of ‘em! Nobody wants a half baked pie.
Q: Whats it take to secure our date?
A: Signed contract and 1500 down! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
Q: Can you help me with other vendors?
A: YES. We love to recommend vendors that’ll match your day!
Q: I can’t afford you, but I REALLY want you, what now?
A: We make payment plans that make us more attainable, BUT if that still won’t work and you’re dead set on us, ask about an associate shooter.


Its not about us

This is the heart behind our business- its not about us. Your wedding day is not a chance for us to puff our chests and your people are not there to stroke our egos. We’re there to document, to tell the story of you, of your love, of the people who make your life so grand, of the day set before us.
Our promise to you- we’ll show up in every single way that it matters. We’ll be there to cheer you on, to provide a safe space, to carry your dress or pin your bout or sing all of the words to Baby Got Back with you. We’ll tell your story, we’ll help you document the legacy that will exist far past your time on this earth. We’ll be in your corner, regardless of what your corner looks like. Having a DIY backyard wedding? We’re there. Dropping a downpayment on a house to celebrate your day? We’ve got you. Whether its filled with pretty details or just the two of you standing on the side of a mountain, we want to tell that story.

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