I'm a big believer in setting expectations, so let me start by saying, expect to be wowed. Everything you're worried about? I've got it covered. Any ideas you have, I can likely find a way to make them happen. The boudoir experience is a collaborative effort to create art with you in mind, with you involved.

We start with vision boarding and dreaming for your session. I will send over a prep guide to answer your questions, give ideas, offer advice, and get you ready for the day of your shoot.

On the day of your session, my hair and makeup team will be at the studio upon your arrival and ready to enhance your already beautiful features. I work with inclusive artists who are well versed in all skin and hair types, knowing exactly how to highlight your beauty in the most true to you way possible. 

You're like really pretty...

Boudoir Experience

Winx Photo


During the session, I will walk you through everything. I'll help decide on last minute outfit ideas, I'll adjust my poses to flatter your specific body type, but most importantly, I'll be your hype girl. As we shoot, you'll find that this is far simpler than you likely expected and within a few minutes, it'll feel like the most natural thing you've ever done. 

After your 90 minute session, you'll head to lunch and I'll start working on your images. Then, you'll head back to the studio (the same day) and get to see all of the magic we co-created! 

 At your image reveal we'll go through your gallery together, walk through product & upgrade options & if you've purchased an album we will design it together, as well as make any final adjustments.

During Your Session

What to Expect

I'm on a self love journey

I want to give the best gift ever to both my partner and myself

I am celebrating a milestone
(engagement, new job, health goal, birthday)

I love to treat myself and I know I'm worth it

This is a good fit for you if any of the following are true

The Winx Bombshell...

I’m so glad I did this! At first it was for him but Lord knows I needed it for myself! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

"My confidence is the highest it’s been in YEARS or maybe ever haha."

Oh. My. God. Seriously, I am not even kidding, I'm using these photos to land my next husband. Thank you so much! Ahhh!"



Quinn was fantastic to work with! I love my photos and my now husband was so surprised to receive my boudoir book as his wedding present. He loves how I look in the pictures, but also that I genuinely look confident and happy with my body.


"I genuinely look confident and happy with my body."

Quinn did my Boudoir shoot for my wedding anniversary and I am absolutely in LOVE with how these pictures turned out! Quinn was amazing and made me feel awesome and comfortable during the whole process. 100% would recommend, she will makes it such a fun experience!


"Quinn was amazing and made me feel awesome and comfortable during the whole process."

It was far more special that I can even explain. I am so grateful that I finally booked my session! If you’ve ever worked with Quinn, you know how incredibly talented she is. Whenever we were reviewing my reveal photos (TWO hours after my session I might add) I saw myself in a new light, like I couldn’t believe it was me. She made me feel so comfortable, confident, and beautiful. If you’re going back and forth with making this decision, and I cannot stress this enough, PULL THE TRIGGER.

"If you’re going back and forth with making this decision, and I cannot stress this enough, PULL THE TRIGGER."

So much love here



Your session fee includes up to 90 minutes of shoot time, professional hair styling and makeup application, pre-session planning, customized session experience, image retouching, and a reveal session. All digital images and products are purchased separately.