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I am and will forever be an old soul, a twenty something going on 60 something, and thats just the way I like it. I love Christmas, can throw down on some pasta, and live for the bath and body works candle sale. What can I say, I'm a woman with specific tastes. 

I'm Quinn!


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Classic Lakeside Wedding at Tellico Village Yacht Club I don’t like being called an artist, or artists rather. I think its cheesy and pretentious. This isn’t some coy attempt at “omg! We’re not even that good!” pandering, its just me, a professional photographer, telling you that I don’t like being labeled that way. I like […]

Classic Lakeside Wedding at Tellico Village Yacht Club


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Every photographer has an ideal couple. For some, that couple is incredibly wealthy and polished, for others, that couple wants to elope. Some photographers love a detail heavy wedding, others just need two people. Us? We love a laid back couple, everything else is secondary. If you love each other and you’re more excited about […]

Contemporary Country Wedding at Country Manor Acres