Pre Session Payment Plan

 Pre-session Payment Plans



After your session, you’ll return to the studio for your private image reveal and ordering appointment.
You have the option to set up a pre-session payment plan now, OR pay in full at your ordering appointment. When you choose to pre-purchase a selection, it allows us to create images during your shoot with the specific products in mind, and ultimately ensures your greatest satisfaction! It also allows you to unlock exclusive bonuses listed below for FREE!

Pre-payment plans ARE NOT required, however we do not offer post-session payment plans, so in the event you choose not to take advantage of the pre-payment plan, you’ll only be able to purchase your images at the ordering appointment. Bonuses are also only available with pre-payment plans.

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1) Pre Payment and/or Payment Plans are NOT required. You can simply show up to your Session + Image Reveal & Ordering Appointment and pay in full that day, however you will not receive any Bonuses that are offered for the Pre Payment or Payment Plans.
2) Payment Plans are not offered after your session. If you choose not to Pre Purchase or do a Pre Session Payment Plan, you MUST pay in full the day of your Session + Image Reveal & Ordering Appointment.
3) Bonuses are ONLY for Pre Payment or Pre Session Payment Plans. If you pay in full the day of your Session + Image Reveal & Ordering Appointment, you will not be able to take advantage of the Bonuses. If you upgrade at your Image Reveal & Ordering Appointment, additional Bonuses are also not redeemable.
4) Bonuses are only valid for clients who either A) Pay in Full for a Collection 30 days prior to their session, or B) clients who’s payment plans are completed no less than 14 days prior to the session.
5) If you upgrade your package at the ordering appointment, no additional bonuses will be applied, so please keep that in mind when choosing your package for the pre session payment plan or purchase!
6) If you’re unsure which collection you’re interested in, I recommend picking the lowest and planning to upgrade the day of your session.
7) If you’re attempted to keep your purchase a secret, I recommend looking into PayPal credit, OR purchasing Visa gift cards and reloading!



If you choose to pre-purchase one of our 4 collections, we’ll include your choice of the following in your boudoir experience for no additional cost! To pre-purchase you may choose to pay in full or take advantage of one of our pre-session payment plans. Pre-Payment must be complete no less than 15 days prior to your shoot to access the following bonuses. Pre-payment bonuses are only available for collections, not a la carte items.


Collection 1: Choose 3
Collection 2: Choose 2
Collection 3: Choose 2
Collection 1: Choose 1

-50% off next session fee within 12 months (150 value)
-extra hair and makeup look (150 value)
-lunch at Aubreys (25 value)
-professional headshots (500 value)
-fluffy robe use (250 value)
-set of polaroids (200 value)
-custom poker cards (300 value)
-12 month calendar (350 value)
-2 matted folio images (450 value)
-8×10 metal wall art (400 value)

Example Payment Plan for Collection 3

Collection 3 2300+ tax= 2512
Client pays bi-weekly for 6 months
209/every other week give or take a week

If you have any questions about payment plans, don’t hesitate to reach out! Email me at

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