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Associate Photographers | Hayley & Shawn

What is an associate photographer?

Associate photographers are talented photographers who shoot under our brand. What that means, is that you’re still receiving the Winx Photo Experience, still getting incredible photos, and your photos are still being edited by us. Think of it as hiring a mini Jesse and Quinn.

Why should I hire an Associate photographer?

You might choose to hire an associate photographer for a number of reasons:

  • Their packages are at a lower price point..

  • They’re available on dates Jesse and Quinn are already booked for.

  • You don’t necessarily care WHO your photographer is, you just know you love our style.

Why are associate photographers less expensive?

Put simply, we know that we, Jesse and Quinn, are the driving force behind our business, therefore we know that we’re more in demand. While we’re so grateful, we hate that we can’t shoot every wedding that wants to hire us, and we wanted to create an experience that had everything BUT us included. SO, even though we won’t be with you on your wedding day, you’re still a Winx Photo couple. Associates being priced a little bit lower also allows us to service a wider variety of budgets!

Are Associate photographers still professionals

ABSOLUTELY! We would never allow someone to represent our brand without proper vetting to insure that they are who they say they are! Our associates have trained with us, use professional equipment, have mastered posing theory, and are generally phenomenal photographers.

Will my photos still look like Winx Photo shots?

Thats the best part! Yes! Our associates shoot similarly to us, know how to direct, use lighting appropriately, and then at the end of the day, they hand all of their photos over to us to edit!! This means that they might start the project but we bring it home. You’ll have the same joyful photos with the same pop of color our images classically have!

Can I book my e-shoot, boudoir session, and bridals through my associate too?

Yes! But you also don’t have to! Its totally up to you how you’d like to work with us!

Can I talk to my associate beforehand?

Yes! In fact, we encourage it! You’ll be able to email, call, or FaceTime to get to know each other before you make any decisions!


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