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I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.

Hi friends! I am the Beyonce of this page. I started doing photography after Jesse (see below, cute fella in grey) bought me my first camera for my 18th birthday. I won’t tell you photography is my passion because it totally isn’t, loving on people is. I cry at every wedding, always eat the wedding cake, and have a real bug up my butt about making sure my couples know how loved and celebrated they are. I reference The Office far too frequently, am always looking for an excuse to visit IKEA, and am the designated Mac and cheese maker of my family and friend group. When I’m not photographing a Knoxville wedding, I’m shooting some crazy awesome boudoir in my private Knoxville boudoir studio. I love a good instagram story (you can follow me and prepared to be astounded and annoyed), am on the hunt for the best margarita of my life, and am always game for watching Christmas Vacation.




I have no Beyonce lyrics.

I’m Jesse, the husband part of our husband and wife duo. I started photography around the same time Quinn did, and like my wife, I wouldn’t call photography my passion. Instead, I’d say that I have a servant’s heart. You’ll never find me with a “not my job” attitude, I’m always ready to jump right in to make sure your day goes off perfectly. On wedding days, along with shooting, you’ll also find me bringing our couples drinks, fanning them, acting as their personal concierge for the day. Team work makes the dream work, baby! When I’m not shooting weddings, I’m busy owning my own small business, Blacksheep Printing, spending lots of time outdoors, aaaaand searching out the perfect margarita. What can we say, we’re two peas in a pod! I love pop-punk, which is actually how I met Quinn, listening to podcasts, and I can throw down on some pho.




We make an incredible team.

The yin to each other’s yang, the bada to each other’s bing. We’re Jesse & Quinn, and we’re really freaking happy you’re here. We’re Knoxville wedding photographers, but we love to travel and will stop at nothing to land a gas station taquito. We’ve been wedding photographers since 2014 and we’ve shot at some of East Tennessee’s finest venues, like The Standard, RT Lodge, The Magnolia Venue, The Kincaid House, Heartland Meadows, Dara’s Garden, and many many more. We have three (count ‘em, THREE) dogs, named Iggy, Ruger, and Gertie and they all like to sleep in our bed which is really something because they’re all pretty big. Yikes. We had our very own wedding in 2016 at Rivershack Farm in Knoxville and planning that gave us alllll sorts of insight on being engaged. That whole process is a lot, y’all, so we do everything we can to make it easy peasy lemon squeezy on our couples!




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